150 km from Ivano-Frankivsk is located one of the administrative centers of the region - a village with a very poetic name Verkhovyna. You can get here not only from Ivano-Frankivsk. Only 31 km from here is the railway station Vorokhta.
According to Verkhovyna, it is located to the east of the mountain range in the Montenegrin part of the Carpathians. It is noteworthy that there is a great variety of natural landscape, which is of particular interest. Center of the village is located at an altitude of 574 meters above sea level.
Verkhovyna is an exotic place because of its different peaks and ridges. We should also mention the favorite mountains for the tourists. These are mountain (1473 m) - the highest here Sinitsa (1186 m), Mazurka (1025 m) and Pushkar (812 m). Especially popular are for the summer and autumn are the mountains of Mazurka and Pushkar, because the surrounding area is ideal for mushroom. If you like to collect wild berries, then feel free to go to the Sinitsa and Belaya Kobyla.
Special honors enjoys mountain Sinica. The fact that there are so-called Dovbushs rocks, named a folk hero and leader of opryshky Oleksa Dovbush. Legend says that the caves act as a refuge to Dovbush and opryshky, and there they hid the treasures.
Verkhovyna is famous for its landscape and the variety of mountains, which are crossed by the hiking trails of different difficulty. The easiest route to climb is a mountain Pushkar because it has the lowest height. Tourists and their guides can organize trips, starting from the height of the top - respectively, higher will be a mountain, the harder it will be to climb.
Verkhovyna also has a way to Berkut springs. Another route will lead you to admire the valley of the mountain river Smotrich.
Verkhovyna was also the place where the writers and various researchers liked to rest. At one time, we have managed to visit Olga Kobylyanska, Lesia Ukrainka, and Ivan Franko and Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky. English writer Ménie Muriel Dowie, the author of "The Girl in the Carpathians" also had a vacation here.