Walking along the Dniester is kind of pastime created for those who love nature, fresh air, and recreation for every taste - unhurried and relaxed or more active. Dniester is a mighty river, which has a length of 1352 kilometers, has its origins in the Carpathian Mountains and flows into the Black Sea. Because of these reasons, Dniester has many options for recreation.
What could be better than walking along the Dniester? It is equally well both in summer and in spring and in autumn. Soothing landscapes will not leave you indifferent, and photography enthusiasts can capture the beauty of the surrounding area for the memories of the delight river walk. Walking can be a boat or a yacht, and both of these options are sure will be great. You can also swim a lot, get a great tan and have good rest.
The Dniester Canyon presents an unforgettable sight. This is a wonderful creation of nature among the seven natural wonders of Ukraine, and for good reason, because the pattern of canyons and cliffs is just incredible, no master would be able to recreate something like that. Walk along the Dniester will allow you to see the canyon, many amazing caves, waterfalls and grottos. In addition, you will be so impressed by the natural environment that will help you to forget about fatigue and again feel the taste of life.
You can relax on the Dniester differently. There is an opportunity to ride on a speed boat or a yacht to see the nature in its charm. During the river walk you can stay for a bit on the bank of the Dniester - to see for yourself some extraordinary caves hermit or t have a meal in the open air. And fans of extreme sports can make rafting to excite the nerves and bring a memorable experience. Anyway, the Dniester will be interesting for all vacationers, and there is fun for everyone.